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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Training while drinking is bad for your health.

 Well now that 7 weeks are down I can see the finish line. The 9 week challenge is no longer a marathon but a sprint to the finish. Unlike the last we spoke I am not going to bore you with a poor attempt at humour, so you won’t have to wade through a couple of pages of bad cop jokes to get to the weekly losses.
Waist measurement:     122cm (-2cm)
Resting Heart Rate:         69bpm (-1 bpm)
Weight:                              135.6 (the same)
Now why did I not lose any weight? I could say that I have no idea. I could also say that it was just an off week, an aberration. Or I could also tell you that I had a really good week eating right and working out and then ruined it all by having a big night out of drinking and eating bad things. Now if I did say those things which one would you believe?
Yup that’s right I had a big weekend. I won’t give too many details but let’s just say it involved golf, the pub, rugby league, a casino and Weird Al Yankovic. While I had a great time it was hardly a set of activities conducive to weight loss and fitness. Anyway I have enough guilt coming from within so I won’t dwell on it any longer here.
I Blame Weird Al.

Last week I mentioned I will be facing a big challenge in the final two weeks of the program. That challenge is a small pacific nation, about 4 hour’s flight time from Sydney. That nation is Fiji and the challenge to my workouts is I am going there. Now having been to Fiji twice previously so I have a certain expectation of what my eating habits will be. Breakfast cocktails and rich seafood are the order of the day so I will have quite an issue when it comes to continuing my fitness journey.

This is where I will be spending my time.

To combat this I am taking my PS3 with me and hoping I can connect it to the TV in our hotel room. This will at least give me the ability to continue doing my workouts, I will also try as best as possible to choose a healthy option for dinner (except for my anniversary night, that dinner is Lobster all the way), keep active (plenty of swimming and walks up to the nearby marina) and drink my rum with Diet coke. Hopefully if I can do these things I can prevent any major weight gain.  If not it could be a very bad week. Willpower don’t let me down.

Of course this also means that there will not be a blog entry next week. Internet access is sketchy at best so I will be unable to give you an update on how things are going. Fear not as I will be returning on the 25th of March, just in time for the final weekly update and shortly after that a summary entry on my whole experience during the 9 week challenge. So stay tuned loyal readers for the impending ending of this hi-tech fitness journey.
Another pic of where I am staying. Are you jealous yet?
Hewso’s Stats Tracker
Workouts completed                                     - 32
Hours of Exercise                                            - 17hours 48 minutes
Calories burned                                               - 11290
Distance Ran                                                     - 38.03km
Average Heart Rate                                        - 126 bpm
Max Heart Rate                                                - 195 bpm
Total Weight loss                                             - 12.8kg
Measurement loss                                          - 16cm


  1. I hate you more and more every post I read...

  2. keep it up with your EA sports active 2 9-week program.

    regards from Brazil.