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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Interview.

The time is 2138hrs on Monday the 7th of March. The interviewee is a Mrs A Hewson, aka Ms Mitchell, aka Ook the Chook. Detective Hugh Gass conducting the interview.
Please note this is not actually my wife, just a random pic from google.

Mrs Hewson, I would like to remind you that anything you say can and will be used in a court of law. I would also like to remind you of your right to legal counsel and that you have indicated you are willing to wave that right.
Detective H Gass: Mrs Hewson, if that is your real name. What were your first thoughts when your “so called” husband came to you with the idea of this experiment?
Mrs Hewson: I was initially excited; I thought it was a great excuse for my husband to actually do something about his weight. Later on I had some fleeting worries that he had wasted our money on a system that is unlikely to work.
Detective H Gass: How has this experiment affected your life? As a wife and a mother surely this has had some effect on your family’s daily routine.
Mrs Hewson:  Having to cook my own dinner is something I had to adjust too. My husband was the primary cook in our house until he began the EA Sports Active program. Now he is too busy eating veggies and healthy cuts of meat to cook me my favourite meals of Spaghetti Bolognaise or Beef Stroganoff.  His working out has also played havoc with our going out plans. Now we have to wait until he has done his workout until we can go to a friend’s place or head to the movies.
Detective H Gass: Mrs Hewson, after all of the “working out” surely there has to have been some discernable results. Please describe what you have seen and remember you are legally required to tell the truth.
Mrs Hewson:  My Husbands recent clothing purchases have fit much better. His body seems to fit into standard sizes without looking like a watermelon in a condom. Another thing I have noticed is my arms now fit around him much easier so if I want to cuddle him, or smack him in the back head I can. Despite all of this he still seems like the same cranky bastard I married a few years ago.
Detective H Gass: So Mrs Hewson I have one final question for you. Do you think EA Sports Active 2 has worked over all, or do you think it is a bunch of crap?
Mrs Hewson: Honestly I think it works; it is a great motivator for my lazy husband. It sets him a goal and his video game obsessed mind has to complete it. I think it is some form of OCD or something. But I must say overall I am proud of his achievements so far. He has impressed me with his commitment to something he could have easily shoved on the “impulse buy” shelf never to be heard from again. But he hasn’t and he has improved his health because of it.
Detective H Gass: Thank you for your time Mrs Hewson you a free to go, but If I was you I wouldn’t leave the region anytime soon, we may have more questions for you.
Ahh, a witty police pun. Don't worry I didn't come up with it.

Anyway, I have really made you all wait to get my results for this week. And considering you read my whole bad cop drama shtick I suppose I shouldn’t let you wait any longer. The results are:
Waist Measurement                       124 (- 3cms)
Resting Heart Rate                           70bpm (the same)
Weight                                                 135.6 (-1.2 kg)
So another weight loss, smaller than last week but a loss is always a positive. That’s pretty much it for this week. A little bit unusual but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. Next week I will be letting you know about an upcoming challenge in my attempt to do the EA sports active 2 9 week challenge.
Hewso’s Stat Tracker. Week 6
Workouts completed                                      - 29
Hours of Exercise                                             - 15hours 42minutes
Calories burned                                                - 9907
Distance Ran                                                     - 32.92kms
Average Heart Rate                                         - 127 bpm
Max Heart Rate                                                 - 195 bpm
Total Weight loss                                             - 12.8 kg
Measurement loss                                          - 14cm

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  1. Fantastic stuff! Ive been following you for about a month. It's really encouraging to read your progress. I'm 200 pounds and haven't lost any weight but I definitely look better in a t shirt. Drinking more water and eating vegetables instead of junk food is huge deal.