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Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is going to hurt….. a lot.

Well another week of hard workouts and sweat is over. Week 2 is done and now is the time to write about what happened. I will tell you now that things aren’t good. So without any further procrastination here are my week 2 stats.
Waist Measurement – 132cm (the same)
Resting Heart Rate – (79bpm)
Weight – 143.8kg (+400g)
Yup, that’s right I put on weight and let me tell you right now I am devastated. All week I have been eating healthy and giving 100% in all of the workouts and I still put on weight. I will be honest this is a horrible blow. After last week I was pumped ready to complete the remaining weeks and make a huge difference to my weight. Now all motivation has evaporated and any desire to continue putting myself through this is leaving me quickly. If I wasn’t writing this blog to determine if these games actually work then I would probably stop right now.
Yup, Sad face time.
Very depressing so far I know so from now on I will try to lift the tone a little. This week’s workouts were hard (the swear-to-exercise ratio was much higher this week). They seem to be getting progressively harder and longer. All workouts this week ran well over 30min (last week they were about 25min) and seemed to focus on really pushing me with each exercise. The good side of this is that I seem to be recovering much quicker now. In the first week it would take a good 10 minutes before I was ready to even talk but this time frame has noticeably shortened. My annoyance for this week (apart from still being a fat bastard) is the coach. I must admit I am starting to get a little annoyed with the trainer. I think I had heard all of her comments after the first 2 workouts and now with 8 completed it is starting to get more than a little repetitive (more like mind numbingly painful).
This week I had an extra audience while doing my workouts. So besides the usual cheering from my eldest and my youngest trying to perform “The People’s Elbow” on me every time I am doing floor exercises, I had my mother sitting in the corner reading her book and pretending not to hear me drop the F-bomb with an increasing regularity. Both my mother and father seemed reasonably impressed with the game and as my father works in the sport industry I can only take that as a good sign. Dad even went so far as to comment on the unhealthy love the game has for squats and how he approves.
I look at this pic and the first thing I think of is "Wow cool TV setup". Is that wrong?

Well that’s pretty much it for this week. I must admit this was the hardest blog entry to write so far. Getting the enthusiasm to tell the world that I have put on weight is not normally something I would tackle without at least 3 rum and cokes beforehand, alas drinking is a big no no when getting fit so rest assured that all writing has been done stone cold sober. So now it is time to pick a cliché, “the past is past” “It’s a new week” “blah blah blah”. They all apply in this situation, I just hope my efforts don’t seem a waste again this time next week.
Hewso’s Stat Tracker.
Workouts completed – 9
Hours of Exercise – 4:35
Calories Burned – 2685
Distance Ran – 8.01km
Average Heart Rate – 135bpm
Max Heart Rate – 195bpm
Weight loss total -   -4.4kgs
Waist measurement difference -    -6cm


  1. it takes a lot of guts to fess up when the results are not what you want!! great blog and all the best with your progress this week. I am sure the results will be better next sunday.

  2. Back on the wagon myself today Matt so I feel your pain. Up your water consumption (and I'm getting a bottle myself!), get some good rest and get up ready to face it all again tomorrow.

  3. Never read a blog in my life an stumbled on yours when I was looking for a review of the game. I think I know your issue here and it's that you've suddenly switched your diet so you saw a massive dip in weight in week 1 and now your body has learned how to better react to the new diet so you gained a little weight, this is fairly normal so I hear. Dont get despondent it sound like your really going hard at this and plus I like reading your blog

  4. I am with Daniel, your loss last week was so massive perhaps your body is reacting to that. I bet next week is another loss to get you back on track

  5. Your probably gaining muscle. I gained a lot myself. Make sure you take pics every week or two without your shirt.
    Also eat about 5-6 small meals a day to increase your metabolism, instead of 3 big meals.

  6. This is an epic blog my friend, dont give up is all i gotta say! of course they'll be your bad weeks, but its only week 2 (if i read correctly) and the beginning weeks are the worst of your life...hahaha, not really, but it is tough especially when you dont see results right away...but at the end of the 9 weeks, you'll look back and be one arrogant SOB, hahaha, i so was after i did p90x the first time and lost 50 lbs, so good luck to ya mate!

  7. I agree with Daniel re why you may have put weight back on -- still, it's only 400g. If you'd lost 2kg per week you'd probably be happy.

    Keep it up man, having the better diet and doing the exercise has to be good for ya, not just for weight loss but also for cardio and general fitness.

  8. Thanks for all of the encourging comments guys, You will be pleased to know I have kept at it and am feeling better for it. I agree with everything you all have said to me and logically I shouldn't be upset at all. However logic doesn't always apply in these situations. Rest assured I am confident of a happier result on Sunday

  9. Hey man, a great blog here you started, keep it up! About your gain, I am sure that you have gained some muscle and that is very good. Remember, muscle burns calories! It is always better to have 10kilos of extra muscle than having that amount of extra fat, right?
    About EA Active 2, I also recently got one and started it just like you did with the 9 week program, but quickly realized that I should have started with the 3 week cardio kick-start program and switched to that. I am very happy with this product so far, it was money well spent.
    Please keep the blog, I am already a fan of it! :)