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Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Week Down. More Pain to Come

Well, one week has been successfully completed. Four scheduled workouts and a diet change have occurred in the past week and things are going well. There has been some swearing, lack of motivation and even some triumph to report on so let’s not drag the suspense any further and get to what you are all waiting for, the weigh in.
Waist Measurement - 132cm (a loss of 6cm)
Resting Heart Rate – 78bpm (same as last week)
Weight – ready for it………….. Wow the suspense must be killing you………. 143.5kg (a loss of 4.9kg)
I can be bought!
Yup that’s right, I lost almost 5 kilos this week all by following this game to the letter. I know what you’re thinking; EA got to you and is paying you off. While I can be bought (and for pretty cheap as well), I haven’t been bribed in this case. I am still driving my 10 year old car and still paying off the mortgage which should tell you that the fat cats haven’t gotten to me with a large wad of cash.  
So in short things are going well at the moment. This weigh in result was just what I needed after a very hard week. All week I have been ill, suffering from one of those random “itis’s” that strike folks down from time to time. Throat sore, nose blocked, eyes red and swollen meant working out was not the highest thing on my priority list. This of course didn’t matter. After weeks spruiking what I was going to do and having friends and family all excited to see how I was going I couldn’t let a little thing like being crook hold me back (my wife wasn’t either).
 I dove into the workouts with minimal enthusiasm, and attacked the game as best as possible. The workouts were all a challenge. The game gave me a wide variety of ways to hurt and build a sweat. As I said last week there was one exercise that wouldn’t register for me and this continued through the week. This one and only exercise just wouldn’t pick up my movements. However, apart from this exercise the game has been pretty spot on in picking things up and telling me if I am not doing the movements correctly.
More of this.
The dietary side of things is somewhat minimal in that it only gives you dietary advice.  There are 10 main things the game asks you to do as a part of your daily diet and I have been following these to the letter. These tips mainly consist of common sense, like “Eat 5 serves of fruit/veggies a day” or “drink 8 cups of water a day”.  It is the same stuff we have been hearing for years but as it has been around for so long I can safely assume that it is solid info that can be trusted.

Unfortunatly less of this.
Another tool the game offers to help with your overall health is two daily surveys. The first is a nutritional survey which keeps track of how you are going with your daily health and diet intake. It is a good way to see how you are going and as long as you answer the questions truthfully it will keep an accurate journal of your daily nutrition. The second survey is simply a quick question that asks what other activity you did during the day. This asks if you have done any extra sport, walking or even household chores and gives you an approximate amount of calories you have burnt during this activity. It is another helpful tool that really gives you an indication of how you are going with your fitness (or how slack you have been).
Well that’s pretty much it for this week. A really positive week and even feeling like I was dying didn’t stop me achieving some great results.  Hopefully next week is just as productive and I will be back with a similarly positive result (and maybe some more fat jokes, which are conspicuous in their absence this week.)
Hewso’s Stats tracker – Week 1
Workouts completed – 5
Hours of Exercise – 2 hours 16 minutes
Calories Burned – 1236
Distance Ran – 2.92km
Average Heart Rate – 130bpm
Maximum Heart Rate – 185bpm
Weight loss total – 4.9kg
Waist measurement difference -  -6cm


  1. 4.9kg in one week! That is incredible. And you really haven't changed your diet too much? I got a PSP3 for Xmas from my parents in law and now I am thinking that I need to get this game! How much was this game?

  2. The game's RRP is $120 I think but it can be had much cheaper by shopping round (try great prices).

    As for diet, my diet has changed a fair bit. Lots more veggies, less shit and more regualr eating habits. These changes were all suggested by the game so I am following them to the letter.

  3. That's a sensational first week result, and so much kudos for what you're doing! I'll definitely be following your progress to see how things go :D

  4. great first week results!!! and love the stories, looking forward to more

  5. I'm inspired by your blog, keep up the good work. What intensity are you using?

  6. Thanks for the nice words. I am using the medium intensity. And trust me as a person who hasn't done much over the last few years it is certainly hard enough, I dread to think what high intesity is like.