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Monday, February 28, 2011

A day late but worth the wait.

For those regular readers out there by now you have probably noticed that my usual Sunday entry was delayed. This was due to my attendance at the Soundwave music festival. It was a great day with Slash and Myles Kennedy being the highlight. But you are not here to read about my day of head-banging, moshing and rocking out but to read about my results for the week. So without any further ado, the results:
Resting heart rate - 70 bpm (- 4 bpm)
Waist measurement – 127 (- 2 cm)
Weight – 136.8kg (-3.0kg)
10kgs lost = Party Time!

Another 3 kilos have disappeared into the ether and what is even better is the news I have busted the 10kg weight loss mark (which is roughly 22 pounds for those not up on the metric system). This is something that has really brought a smile to my face. I even allowed myself a celebratory piece of a friend’s birthday cake as a reward (nothing but veggies tomorrow to make up for it though.) My resting heart rate and measurements are also continuing to drop. 5 weeks in and EA Sports Active 2 has lived up to its promise of being an all-round health and fitness solution. It is however only just past the half way mark of the 9 week program so it still has some time to let me down.
Life, I have noticed, is changing. My health is now at the forefront of my thinking and is no longer something to be ignored. For example, I recently went to the “Hog’s Breath” (for those that don’t know, a chain of steak houses) where I ordered an entrĂ©e of crumbed mushrooms and a main of a balsamic calamari salad. My normal order at a place like this would have been large slabs of animal with a side order of deep fried potatoes of some description. And while I have always liked salad it never would have been a choice previously for me in a place like this. This is the change of thinking I have gone through since taking on the 9 week challenge. What started as a way to improve my writing has evolved into a lifestyle change that has affected my perception on life in general.
Unfortunately I really don’t have much more to add this evening. After spending all of Sunday rocking out (and walking about 20kms in the process) and most of today driving home I am somewhat exhausted and my brain doesn’t seem to be functioning in a coherent manner. As a teaser though next week I plan to put down the thoughts of the person that loves me the most (well at least I hope she does) my wife, noting her opinions and observations in regards to my journey so far. I promise to be honest with you so if she says I am a lazy fat arse; well that is what you are going to read (I am hoping that she will be much nicer than that though).
Headbanging Fitness: The new fitness fad brought to you by The Shopping Channel.

Hewso’s stat tracker.
Workouts completed     -    25
Hours of Exercise             -    13hours and 3 minutes
Calories burned                -     8243
Distance Ran                      -     26.85km
Average Heart Rate        -     126 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate     -     195 bpm
Weight Loss                        -     11.6kgs
Waist measurement       -     -11cms