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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Difference of a Week.

Well the 3rd week of EA Sports workouts has been completed and according to the game, so has phase one of my 9 week program.  The game made quite a song and dance about this so I imagine starting tomorrow when phase 2 kicks in I am going to get my butt kicked repeatedly by my increasingly annoying trainer and a game that shows no mercy to the unfit and flabby.
But no one is reading this to hear me whinge about what is going to happen tomorrow. You are all reading to see if I have broken down and committed ritual Hari Kari or if I am back on track with my aim of a fitter/thinner and all round healthier me. Well please start your mental drumrolls the results are just a blank line away:
Waist Measurement – 130cm (-2cm)
Resting Heart Rate – 74bpm (-5bpm)
Weight – 141.4kg (-2.4kg)
That’s right I am a loser again (that sounded better in my head). After the devastation of last week’s result I have managed to shrink just that little bit more. I have even been able to drop a notch on my favourite belt which is great news. The benefits don’t stop there as you all can see my resting heart rate is dropping, which I have been informed is a very good thing. I am also feeling better all-round. I am using less Ventolin (asthma medication for those that don’t know) and well how do I put this….. I am digesting things much more efficiently (use your imagination I am not going to describe that one in more detail.)

The Keg got a little smaller this week.
The game it’s self is still keeping things interesting. There are 2 new exercises every workout and while I am at the point that they are all just refinements on previous exercises, it is still nice to have something a little different to do each day. Another thing I have noticed is I am having less and less instances of the game not registering what I am doing. The exercise that I had problems with in the first week now registers just fine which leads me be to believe that I was doing something wrong in the first place.  I am having a few issues with the custom soundtrack feature of the game. There is no way to shuffle the songs so every workout has the same songs playing. I have gotten around this by creating multiple playlists but this is hardly an elegant solution to a problem that should have been thought of in development. It is a little nit-picky I know, however, when you are working out four times a week it becomes more of an issue.
In the interest of trying all of the features of the game I also created and completed a custom workout. The process of creating a custom workout was quite simple, you simply select which exercise you want to complete and voila workout created. The game offers advice on what should be included in a workout, ensuring you include a workout and cool-down as well as displaying the estimated time and calorie burn for your workout. The good thing about this was I got to create a workout that didn’t include the Mountain biking exercise (I still stand by my statement that the devil had a hand in inventing that one.)
I will one day look this good in a singlet, only with better hair.
Well that’s pretty much it for this week, a definite improvement on the last rather morose blog entry. It is amazing what achieving your goals can do to your outlook on things. Next week I have a special guest contributor to the blog. I have managed, through great personal cost, to secure not only a qualified personal trainer but a Cardio/vascular technician (same person) to observe me working out and also take part in a workout to give their thoughts and opinions on the game. Ok the personal cost is not so great, it is my brother, but the impressive title is true. So stay tuned folks for more exciting stories from my modern quest for fitness and health.
Hewso’s Stat Tracker
Workouts completed – 15
Hours of Exercise – 7:20hrs
Calories burned – 4512
Distance ran – 13.57km
Average Heart Rate – 131bpm
Max Heart Rate – 195bpm
Weight loss total –    -6.8kgs
Waist measurement difference -    -8cm


  1. Good job - can't wait to see what the fitness expert says!

  2. Well done man!

    A nice positive turnaround from last week.