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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Pixel Hunt goes to press!

As you all know gaming is serious business these days. With Magazines, TV shows, Books, Movies and even radio programs all sprouting news and “expertise”.  But when it comes to the subject where do you go for an honest opinion from some of Australia’s best game journos? Well Pixel Hunt of course.

For the last 16 issues, Pixel Hunt has been providing quality opinion and information to the gaming public in the form of an ezine (that is electronic magazine Dad, come on keep up). It has become known throughout the Australian gaming industry as a place where writers can give honest opinion without sticking to the traditional structure of most magazines and websites. Because of this Pixel Hunt has earned a reputation for highly entertaining and informative writing.

This respect and reputation has allowed the ezine to make the next step…… go to press. Pixel Hunt is now available by order in a sexy printed format so you no longer have to take your laptop to the loo when you are reading the publication.

This is what Editor Dylan Burns had to say about this massive step (taken from From a marketing perspective, I think it’s important for people to be able to see and feel a physical product – to flick through and enjoy the awesome design work that (designer) Aaron has done. I’ve always seen Pixel Hunt as a cathartic platform for the who’s who of Australian games writing to let their hair down a little, allow themselves to scratch any writing itches and engage more closely with readers who follow them in various publications and across social networks. I’ve talked to some writers who see Pixel Hunt as a prestigious space to get published, as it’s a magazine (now) that is read by Australian games press. We aren’t dictated in any way by an owning publisher. We have complete freedom to print what we want.”

So there you have it folks a great publication has just become even greater. Pixel Hunt can be purchased here: and their main site is So please check them out and if you like what you see why not splash out and get yourself some quality gaming related reading material.

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