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Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 The Summary Part 1

2010 the summary……
Well it is that time of year. It is the time to get the Xmas trees ready, time to get inundated with bad greeting cards and time to reflect on the year that was. This, dear readers, is what I am going to do now, go over the things that excited, annoyed or surprised me over the last 12 months. I am going to split this up in to 4 categories to make reading easier for you folk out there (and it gives my older readers the ability to skip the topics that they don’t understand ;-))
Well the year that was for movies, was it good or bad. For me it was somewhere in between. There were a lot of dud’s out there this year but the big surprise for me was the return of the old school action movie. Predators, The Losers, The A-team and of course The Expendables all brought the 80’s action vibe back into the mainstream and I for one loved it. Now these movies are no Oscar winners but they know it, in fact they revel in it. Big guns and big bangs never get old and these movies prove it.

No Story + Big Guns = A Shitload of fun.
My best movie of the year is Inception. I know I wrote an article earlier about how I disagreed with critics saying it was the most unique piece of cinema around, and I still agree with this point however it doesn’t change the fact that this is one hell of a heist movie. I would go as far as to say that this is probably the best heist movie ever made (yes even better than Heat). Great performances from great actors make this super confusing concept not only seem plausible but actually real. I will never look at a metal spinning top the same way.

A true mind bender!
Another surprise movie for me was Daybreakers. It came out of the blue and made me remember why Vampires were still badass and not pussy sparkly emo dudes that can’t stop pining because the love of their life wants to cuddle someone with a bit more hair. What made Daybreakers so cool was the fact it was Australian made. I thought Aussies had forgotten how to make genre flicks and only knew how to make gritty Melbourne based crime dramas and low budget comedies, but this proved me wrong. If you want to remember when vampires were on the top of the monster pile and forget the fact they are now nothing but a teenage girl’s fantasy then this is the movie for you.

Aussie vamp flick that makes you forget about Twilight
In wrapping up movies here are some more flicks that I enjoyed in 2010: Date Night, The Book of Eli, Hot Tub Time Machine, Law Abiding Citizen, Iron Man 2 and Get Him to the Greek. Movies I didn’t like included: I Love You Man, Edge of Darkness, anything at all to do with emo vampires and the steamy pile that is Sex and the City 2 (didn’t even have to watch that to know it was crap). Finally movies I missed that I fully intend to watch ASAP: Harry Brown, Shutter Island, Robin Hood and Tron: Legacy.

The best part of a pretty good movie!
Tomorrow: Music, in the days following both Games and Miscellaneous will be examined

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