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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Oxfam 100km walk

I just thought I would put this up for those that are interested.

On Friday my Wife, Brother-In-Law and two others will begin the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km walk. This walk starts from the Hawksbury river and Finishes close to Taronga Zoo on the harbour. It must be completed in 48 hours. For those that know the area it is a very rough and hilly trail with the first two checkpoints being catagorised as level 5 walks (one step shy of mountain climbing)

So if you are interested in how they team is going you can check them out at, on twitter @trailwalker42 and on Facebook in the group "2 Blondes, A Doc and a Ginger"

On the walk they will be doing live updates on Facebook and Twitter as to their progress and I will be updating my Twitter (@Hewso81) as well as I follow them around and meet them at the checkpoints with well earned food and drink.

So if any of you have a spare $5 or are interested in how they are going please head to the website and make a donation. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for your time

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